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lurtz1598 So, Metal Music is like horror movies, to me. Usually pretty generic and tread common ground; play it safe. Welcome, however, to DoG (whole damned discography), where every song feels like a Citizen Kane of metal. Do yourself a favour. Favorite track: Swing It.
Zach Driskell
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Zach Driskell This EP successfully explores a lot of musical ground in a short amount of time. Melodic, unapologetically heavy, progressive, does not disappoint. I liked it so much I bought a shirt! \m/ Favorite track: Gravis.
Wolfgang Diaz
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Wolfgang Diaz Makes me want to punch stuff. Favorite track: Swing It.
Kevin Benoit
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Kevin Benoit Delusions of Grandeur do it again! Though this EP is noticeably less "prog"/pretty (maybe I should say "experimental"?) than their previous offerings, I understand this to be the first release in a 2-part series: one heavy and one pretty. This one, with insanely heavy Drop-E breakdowns, crushing vocals, blistering leads, and mystifying solos is clearly the former ("Gravis" is actually the latin word for "heavy"!). "Brutiful" is the perfect word to describe this band. I highly recommend this! Favorite track: Brutiful.
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released September 4, 2015

Guitars/Bass/Composition - Gabe Mangold
Vocals/Lyrics - Brent Vaccaro
Drums - Zack Mester

Mixing/Mastering/Production - Brette Ciamarra, Studio 344

Guest vocals on Glazed Donut Zero - Dave Simonich, Improvidence

Guest bass on Swing It - Ron Rekowski, Skobo

Artwork - Keith McCafferty



all rights reserved


Delusions of Grandeur Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Metal from Pittsburgh, PA.

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Track Name: Brutiful
This isn't meant to come off as a personal attack
But I have way too many people that I carry on my back
Your actions are the cause of my hate, I'm tired of people
That can't deal with the problems they create

Parents don't teach respect anymore
I'm knocking leeches of my back on to the floor

Now find out out where you'd be
If it weren't always for me
Helping you but you never see
All the work that I do for free

They never see
All the work I do for free

Hopefully you'll notice that you've all been blind
I'm going forward and leaving you behind
We have no contract there is no bind
I'm cutting you loose now, make up your own mind

I wont feel selfish for working on myself
My time belongs to me and no one else

I wont feel selfish

They never see
All the work I do for free
Now find out where you'd be
If it wasn't for me
Track Name: Swing It
What ever happened to the metal community
Kids are bitching about the songs that artists give out for free

Metalsucks has more gossip than entertainment weekly
No one cares about the music anymore they just came to disagree

This guitar tone is ass these drums sound like shit
I'd like the band better if the vocalist quit
Oh no they changed their sound and I fucking hate it
Thumbs up this comment if you want to debate it.

Here's an idea instead of bashing what you hate
Support the music that you love people spend their lives to create

So many of you would be better off if you had your own shrink
You'd have to pay anyone to ever care about what you think
About what you think
About what you think
About what you think

These kids that talk the most shit they have no demand
Because if they did they'd start their own fucking band
Track Name: Gravis
There were so many options for what life could have turned
Out to be, turned out to be
But as i look around I cant help notice this worlds
So ugly, so ugly

We claim we're the land of the free
But it isn't really hard to see
Bankers found innocent of greed
But people go to jail for life for selling weed
Theres plenty for us all to eat
But cops shoot people in the street
All these problems are taking their toll
The media uses fear as a form of control

Turn on the news its bleak
A new mass shooting happens every week
It's time to make a new list
Americans are the new terrorists

It's getting harder to exist
The notion that our cops are a bunch of racists

There were so many options for what life could have turned
Out to be, turned out to be
But as i look around I cant help notice this worlds
So ugly, so ugly

Look into your hearts
It's time to search
Why do we live in a country where
A kid murders 9 people inside a church
Murders 9 people in a church